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Your parent or guardian will be responsible for all items borrowed on your card and for any charges you incur.

Lending/borrowing To collect loans use your Health Insurance Card or library card along with your PIN code.

Only this receipt, or a receipt issued manually at the library have a legal effect.

The library sends reminders at around the end of the loan period via email or SMS as an extra service.

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By using your CPR number or library card number and your PIN code you can log on to the library website, where you can review your registered loans, reservations as well as any fines owed to the library.The library is for everyone Membership To access our full range of services you need to visit your local library to be registered as a member. dating service  You have to bring your Health Insurance Card (your Yellow Card) with you.When your order becomes available, you will be sent a notice by email, SMS or letter telling you when you can pick up your order. Note, that some libraries have a limitation on how many renewals you can make for a specific item, and that some items therefore cannot be renewed.Lost and damaged library goods You are responsible for returning borrowed items in a good condition and will be assessed for cost in case of the damaged aterials.

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You can also enter your CPR number/libray card numer and PIN code manually to pick up the loans. Your loan receipt shows which items you have borrowed and when they are due back.When an item is checked out, a loan receipt with the due date is generated. Loan period Standard loan period is one month, and it is free of charge. Returns When you return the borrowed materials a receipt will be generated by the library system.These reminders are sent to borrowers who have supplied their email or mobile phone number by enrolment.For late returns you have to pay a fine according to this charge sheet: Reservations You may place an order on materials that have already been checked out.You will receive a notification by email or sms when the ordered item(s) are available for you.

With the national online catalogue can search, view and order items from other libraries in Denmark to be picked up at the Halsnæs Public Libraries.You can also access the vast array of digital services provided by the library.Please note, that some of the digital library services, for instance are only for use, if you reside in that particular municipality the library belongs to.The library card is personal and you are responsible for its use.You have to inform the library, if you change address, email, telephone number etc. Loss of the library card should be reported to the library as soon as possible in order to avoid misuse.

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