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Other deficiencies identified: were the gangway net was not rigged and there was no suitable gangway net available; no entries had been made with regard to oily waste/oily bilge in addition there had been no proper handover of ships papers to the incoming master during the crew change on 22 October 2010; as “an ideal survey platform for a wide range of tasks”.Safety doesn’t seem very prominent: false records of rest; the port lifeboat forward fall wire support was corroded through; the lifeboat embarkation ladder side rope was rotten and the port lifeboat engine would not start.

, Jamaica-flagged, had 24 deficiencies and five grounds for detention.In addition there was no sanitary water supplied to some of the cabins and there were no fresh vegetables on board. partnerbörse kostenfrei Dortmund From the land of gnome, secret bank accounts and Toblerone comes the Swiss-flagged bulk carrier which certainly did not tick like a Swiss watch: major non conformities were identified with regard to the emergency preparedness and the maintenance of ship and equipment which were not according to the SMS.There were no nautical publications and charts were incomplete for the operational area.Other deficiencies found were insufficient provisions for the intended voyage and medicines were out of date. During the month of September178 Port State Control inspections were carried out in the UK.

Sms dating Stevns

The fire drill showed a lack of preparedness by the officers and the crew, and the maintenance of equipment on board was inadequate.Other deficiencies identified included: the Automatic Identification System, AIS, was not transmitting heading information; the magnetic compass had an unnecessary magnetic clip attached to the gimble ring; the spare magnetic compass was not on board; the old batteries for the GMDSS needed to be removed and the navigation light panel has an alarm when a test is run which indicated a fault with the forward mast light.Britain’s Maritime Maritime & Coastguard Agency, MCA, has issued its September list of ten detained ships. sms dating Stevns-29sms dating Stevns-68 It would appear that a drunk master was not the biggest threat to seafarers aboard the Singapore-registered chemical tanker managed by Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd, was detained in Fawley Southampton for two days because the port lifeboat could not be launched as the winch was seized; in addition the LRIT conformance report was not on board.Major non conformities were identified because the engine room staff lacked familiarity with the machinery operation and engine room systems and the resources and personnel were not according to the SMS.

Other deficiencies identified included: the chief engineer was not familiar with the operation of the oily water separator and associated piping system; the galley fire detector wiring was exposed due to the cover missing; the starboard side life raft was not connected properly to the HRU; the maintenance of the ship and equipment was not according to the SMS.Major non conformities were identified in relation to the maintenance of the ship and equipment and emergency preparedness especially in relation to the maintenance of the lifeboat davits and ballast tanks and the fire drill, which showed lack of emergency preparedness, were not according to the SMS.Other deficiencies identified included: the records of rest had not been maintained correctly; the engine room table of working hours was missing; there were no records showing that 10 new crew had received basic safety training.In addition some ventilators on the man deck were incapable of being made watertight; the engine room skylight casing was corroded through and the fire main fixed connection was incorrectly fitted as the hose led to ship side valve.Losinjska Providba is another company for whom seafarers have, apparently, little value.

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