Single chat free Oldenburg

In Oldenburg, every season of the year has a bit of a holiday feeling.

Were you able to get acclimated to the university and the city from the start? I received a lot of help through my degree programme.For example, you can take a boat tour through the city and to the edge of the castle gardens via the canals of the Hunte River. Jena leute kennenlernen In the summer time, many residents spend the day swimming at one of the many lakes in the regions. If you’d like to go out for drinks at night, Wallstrasse is the place to go.They also put on an international dinner once a month, to which every student brings a typical food and beverage from his or her home country.You should plan a trip to the North Sea on one of your free weekends.

Single chat free Oldenburg

Cafe Extrablatt is an especially popular spot, and if you’re looking for a place to have a romantic dinner, we recommend reserving a table in the quaint inner courtyard of the Patio restaurant.Elina Kristiansen is 21 years old and comes from Norway.I wanted to study at a place where I could make contacts quickly, and that worked very well in Oldenburg. single chat free Oldenburg-43single chat free Oldenburg-9single chat free Oldenburg-57 The most important thing to have in Oldenburg, aside from an apartment, is a bicycle.Both in the summer and winter, you can take a train to the town of Dangst and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

But Oldenburg itself offers water-recreational activities as well.Meanwhile, I myself work as a tutor for the International Student Office and help other students from abroad.What do you especially like about Oldenburg and the University of Oldenburg?Looking around, you can’t miss the impressive Degodehaus, one of the few buildings which survived the massive city fire of 1676 and recently underwent extensive renovation.The downtown district is encircled by several canals fed by the Hunte River, so there are always places along the water to take a break. Some parts of the city are even blocked to traffic and can only be reached on foot or by bike.

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