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However, not everyone in our group had the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather the next day in the Southern part of the Istrian peninsula.

secret casual dating Regensburg

Once the Forum was surrounded by temples of Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.In 1947 Pula became a part of Jugoslavia, and from 1991 until today it is a part of the Republic of Croatia.At the end of the Second World War, most of the Italians fled to Italy (this is called the "Istrian exodus").This means that the names of the streets and monuments are again written in both languages, and Italian language classes are held in all elementary schools starting from the first grade and are also optional in most highschools. After arriving in Pula on the 29th of May, we went directly to a restaurant to have dinner.Except for the city of Rovinj, Pula has the largest Italian community on the peninsula. We sat near the harbour of Pula, eating Ćevapi and fish.

Secret casual dating Regensburg

While most of the girls stayed at the hostel, the ones feeling well split into two groups.Some went to the beach and some went for a walk through the city.It gives the impression of guarding the city from the both sides.Furthermore, we went to the Amphitheatre, which is very well preserved, and the Fortress.A real port town atmosphere was in the air, along with seagulls.

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Later on, some of us were in a bar waiting for another part of the group.It looked interesting because it was two-side oriented, which means that you could take pictures from both sides.One side looks to the sea and another one to the city.We bought bread in the form of a flower, sat on a shady bank near a fountain and had our dinner.Pigeons were taking a bath in this fountain and courageous seagulls were drinking water from the top of the fountain. In the afternoon, we tried to find place where we could take a bath and lie on the seaside. On the way we saw the residential part of Pula, which is usually not included in tourist routes.

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