Match dating Fanø

After 6 months was over I was unaware there was an automatic autorenewal policy and they dinged me for another 6 months. I decided to start it back up, reuploaded a picture of myself and started to browse and search. I hadn't filled out anything on my profile yet other than a small paragraph and uploaded a single picture of just myself. They charge your card automatically each month even if you sign up for 1 time monthly subscription. Come on, why pay so much money when you get the same dating pool for free on POF. I offered to forward all of the emails I sent to prove that I did indeed send the emails.

When I called they decided that they could give a partial refund but would have to charge the full one month subscription price of which was 2/3 of the 6 month price. Be careful and make sure you cancel and double check. The next day, I get a notice that my account has been banned and that I should look for a notice in my inbox (no notice ever arrived). Match service banned me just as I was starting to get interested in it again. Have been on Match for 1 week & have made 0 connections. You have go back and cancel so that you won't get charged monthly. But even after talking to a supervisor all she said was she was very sorry but there is nothing she could do, which is complete garbage business practice.

I then mentioned that as this was an unauthorized charge, I was going to dispute it with my credit card. Imagine my surprise when two people said they saw me online AFTER MY SUBSCRIPTION ran out/canceled! My picture now exposed with my profile for everyone to see!! I am beyond disgusted with's service and I am frankly appalled that such a poor service exists from such a well-known company like Match. Why bother asking me what I'm looking for if you're constantly matching with what I'm not looking for. This was not helpful and a huge waste of time, hence why I tried to email them to begin with.

match dating Fanø

They, I am a speaking of 17 profiles in my case, were all fake! I personally was so excited to find a potential friend that I finally redirected some of my funds to the membership fee - and then found out that was just baiting me for money. The site did not work as it would only set me up with women from other countries. They gave me a 5 day credit when I couldn't access my account for almost 2 months!!!They said, "That is our policy." I said that is BS, tried to file a dispute with my credit card and because I had logged into my account to call Match that was considered active use of the membership and my dispute was denied, this site is crap and defrauds its customers!! I canceled my service 54 days into the 99 day contract. They would not delete the account for the remainder of the contract. I called customer service and reached a service center outside of the US. I gave her my confirmation number and was told again, I did not cancel service. priser dating dk Silkeborg I asked for a manager and she then proceeded to tell me the account was canceled, but I reinstated it in March (cancel was effective 4/17) I asked for a number for Customer Service in the US, and was told they couldn't do that. After being placed on hold for 5 minutes a manager came on to say my Acct was canceled and I would receive a portion of my fee. Consequently, I asked for her manager 4 times for a number in the US.I cancelled my subscription because they could not fix this problem. I was already annoyed from my first experience with customer service and then this.I asked for my money back as I only used for three days. My bank statement shows they billed me for double the amount that a six month subscription should have cost. All Match cares about is taking your money and could care less about the customer's experience.

Match dating Fanø

I want to say thank you to for giving me the protection I need.I originally signed up for a 6 month membership at $80.00 and right at the 6 month mark my credit card was automatically renewed for $131.00, once I got a notification of the charge I immediately contacted Match to cancel my account.It seemed like a bunch of women who have everything going for them in life give you the most obvious advice, i.e. Just be happy and your life will work yourself out or relationships are hard work and a dedication. It's a ridiculous joke and I am now done permanently. However, I terminated my membership about 9 months ago. It also makes me seem inconsiderate to anyone who may contact me.Gee how much college did you go to (to) figure that all out?!? I joined Match about an month ago with high aspirations because the website looks so slick and is well known! I've investigated this site and there are very few real profiles but mainly fake profiles and photos that the staff there e-mail to current and future prospects and customers just to provide them false hopes and to keep the money rolling in! They do absolutely nothing to stop international scammers from posting fake photos and profiles to lure unsuspecting victims to send money. They are not worth my time even if they were for free. (I found my successful relationship through another site). After repeated contact attempts, I still can't get off Match. I believe Match is violating the terms of our contract. (I am attractive, interesting and received thousands of responses -- partially because my requirements weren't followed). I think if you are going to get highly mature men and a lot more security for their members, I know it cost but it is security.

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We try and protect our children, my question is why don't you as a adult want to be protected.Dating has already been highly disappointing for me and Match has made the dating experience UNBELIEVABLY worse. Before I even paid for an membership my inbox was covered by supposedly pretty women that had interest in my profile. I would rather do which is free although never worked as well. By indicating that I am still available, Match is also being unfair to other users. I signed up for free service and 3 month subscription was given itself and money taken immediately from my credit card. I cancelled within 1/2 hour of finding out $$ had been charged.Please don't believe their fake commercials as I did and do yourself a favor and save your money so you don't end up wasting more of your time and money. I wanted to cancel Match before they renewed me for another 3 months for these horrible matches that they send you and not making any connections. By keeping my profile active, the agreement has become a lose-lose proposition and false advertising to all. They have ZERO customer service and they DO NOT refund ever, even if it's their fault. Note that when Match states free trial they are referring to a limited access.I was told there was nothing she could do because she had no authority and she was ending our call.Again, I asked for her manager and she hung up on me after I asked for her employee ID number. He put me on hold and when he came back online he told me they expedited my claim and I would receive a full credit.

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