Dating seite gratis Hamburg

The tornadic fire created a huge inferno with winds of up to 240 kilometres per hour (150 mph) reaching temperatures of 800 °C (1,470 °F) and altitudes in excess of 300 metres (1,000 ft), incinerating more than 21 square kilometres (8 sq mi) of the city.

Asphalt streets burst into flame, and fuel oil from damaged and destroyed ships, barges and storage tanks spilled into the water of the canals and the harbour, causing them to ignite as well.

Local transport systems were completely disrupted and did not return to normal for some time. Due to bad weather only 68 bombed in the target area. H2S use was not successful and the bombs were scattered. Those bombs which landed on Hamburg did considerable damage starting 100 fires, killing 27 people and injuring 95. 791 Halifaxes and Lancasters marked the opening of the "Battle of Hamburg" or so called "Operation Gomorrah raid".

Dwellings destroyed amounted to 214,350 out of 414,500. Widespread damage was caused, mostly in housing and semi-commercial districts rather than in the docks and industrial areas. However 119 fires were started of which 71 were large. A countermeasure against the radar-directed German nightfighters in the form of "Window" was used for the first time.

dating seite gratis Hamburg

On 24 July, at approximately , the first bombing started by the RAF and lasted almost an hour.The unusually warm weather and good conditions meant that the bombing was highly concentrated around the intended targets and also created a vortex and whirling updraft of super-heated air which created a 460 meter high tornado of fire, a totally unexpected effect. Kennenlernen daf anfänger Various other previously used techniques and devices were instrumental as well, such as area bombing, Pathfinders, and H2S radar, which came together to work with particular effectiveness.The totally destroyed quarter of Hammerbrook, in which mostly port workers lived, was not rebuilt as a housing area but as a commercial area. At least 800 fires started, 523 of which were large. In the clear weather visual and H2S marking was accurate and on the town centre. Less than half the force bombed within 3 miles of the centre with a bomb creepback of six miles.The adjoining quarter of Rothenburgsort shared the same fate, as only a small area of housing was rebuilt. 823 houses were destroyed and more than 5,000 damaged. Damage was caused in the central and north-western districts, particularly in Altona, Eimsbüttel and Hoheluft. Nikolai church, the main police station, the main telephone exchange and the Hagenbeck Zoo were among the well-known landmarks to be hit.

Dating seite gratis Hamburg

The majority of deaths attributed to Operation Gomorrah occurred on this night.A large number of those killed died seeking safety in bomb shelters and cellars, the firestorm consuming the oxygen in the burning city above.The Allied bombing of Hamburg during World War II included numerous strategic bombing missions and diversion/nuisance raids.As a large port and industrial centre, Hamburg's shipyards, U-boat pens, and the Hamburg-Harburg area oil refineries were attacked throughout the war.The British conducted night raids and the USAAF daylight raids.

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